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Gold Of Gold
FAQ and Monitors


FAQ and Monitors
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Below are questions that are asked frequently:


Do you offer a referral program?

No. Currently our program can not be able to sustain referrals. We want to be the most honest hyip in the world and this has contributed to the longetivity of the program. We may introduce a referral program in future when we see that we can sustain it.


How many payment methods do you accept

We accept e-gold only. If you don't have an e-gold account you can open your own FREE account at


When will you start paying me?

We will start paying you the next trading day after you invest. Trading days are Monday through Friday.


Can I spend (invest) directly from your website?

Yes. You can spend using the form on this website or you can make a direct spend from the e-gold website


My question is not listed here?

Then contact us. We will answer all questions.

We are monitored by the following THREE sites:

HYIP Locator -- HYIP Services Sites